Our Capabilities and Services



Entertainment and Media Apps

  • We build Windows apps for Xbox and optimise them for use with a controller in the living room.
  • These high resolution audio and video applications include support for features such as 4K and HDR.


ASP.NET, MVC, ASP.NET Core, Angular, JavaScript, TypeScript

  • We work with a range of different web technologies and make the selection that best meets the project requirements.
  • Our apps run on any browser, on any device, with web-push notifications to alert users of changes in real time.


Azure, Web API, Mobile Services, Media Services

  • Our solutions leverage the unique scale and capabilities of the Azure cloud with secure access using Azure AD or Azure AD B2C.
  • We develop chatbots for Skype, Messenger and Microsoft Teams and track usage data for Mobile apps, Websites and Cloud services.
Dev Ops


Azure DevOps, CI/CD
Visual Studio App Centre

  • We’ll automate the build and release process – helping to eliminate issues that arise from manual build and deployment. 
  • Our approach streamlines development, test and production functions and our build and release process reflects this.

Why We're Different

We don’t build apps, we solve business problems

We’re cross-platform: iOS, Android and Windows

We’re your digital strategy partner – here for the long term

Why We're Different

We learn the technology so that you don’t have to

We focus on business outcomes, technology comes later

We’re all about digital evolution, not business disruption

Our Process

An app worthy of its investment solves a real world problem and becomes a valuable asset. This asset – like any other – requires maintenance, ongoing enhancements and development. Development costs can be unpredictable – that’s why our Development-as-a-Service makes sense.

Our Process - Plan Build Evolve


  • Articulate business objectives 
  • Review platform capabilities 
  • Make technology choices 
  • Create roadmap and priorities


  • Establish technology foundations 
  • Priority focussed development 
  • Launch Minimal Viable Product (MVP)


  • Monitor usage and feedback 
  • Support and fix bugs 
  • Enhance with new features 
  • Evolve with business needs