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When your brand wants to reach one of the largest markets in the world or you need an enterprise solution, a Windows App with Built to Roam is the answer.

We’ve been instrumental in helping many iconic brands successfully deliver their Windows Apps.

But we don’t just build apps. We want to be your digital strategy partner. Working with you to realise your digital vision and making technology simple for you.

What is a Windows App?

Everyone’s heard of Windows. First launched in 1985, it’s now been estimated that there are more than 1 billion Windows-powered PCs in use around the world.

A Windows App is a software application written on a single codebase that can run on any device powered by Windows – Windows desktop PCs, tablets, laptops, Surface Studio, Surface Hub and Xbox. A single codebase means there’s only one app to update and manage and it’s quick to develop and get to market.

And what does that mean for your brand?

A Windows App gives you an opportunity to reach users in a variety of settings – for example, in their home via their Xbox entertainment systems, or in their workplace via a Surface Hub which supports multi-user interactions and meetings.

Windows Apps can be customised to each device, giving the user a unique experience wherever and whenever they access it. They’re apps that can be run on different form factors – for example, tablets, desktop PCs and Hololens – and by individuals or teams.

Plus, with a Windows App you can access that global reach of more than 1 billion devices.

Why Windows Apps?

Windows is the best place to build. Windows Apps give you the ability to create experiences for your customers and team to interact, excel and get more out of your brand.

Windows Apps offer your brand the:

  • opportunity to build on a single codebase – meaning you only have one app to update and manage. The apps can be developed using a wide range of technologies such as Windows Forms (WinForms), Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) or the Universal Windows Platform (UWP). UWP was first introduced alongside Windows 10 and provides a unified programming model for developing applications that will run across any device powered by Windows 10.
  • chance to be more personal and productive – you can tailor apps and games for your customers that play to the strengths of each individual device’s capabilities – such as touch input, inking and multi-window support.
  • safety and security your customers demand and your brand needs – enterprise-class security by design thanks to Windows 10 and the reassurance of distribution through Microsoft Store.
  • benefits of integrating the latest innovations – with continued investment in the latest technology and innovations, such as HoloLens, Cortana and Microsoft Cognitive Services, you can integrate immersive and interactive experiences easily.

Windows App development with Built to Roam

We’ve delivered innovative Windows and Xbox Apps for brands such as Qantas and Stan. Apps that have given their customers new ways to interact with them and improve the customer journey and experience.

We want to show you how we can do the same for your brand.

As a Windows developer, we don’t just build apps, we want to partner with you to continuously evolve your long-term vision. We’ll be by your side to monitor, enhance and evolve your apps as your business grows and the technology advances.

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